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You can see your cart on the right side of the page and if everything is correct - press the button "Check out"

If you've made an account then fill out the blanks for registered users (login). If not, fill out the other blanks instead.

Completing the order by pressing "order with an obligation to pay" will create the order and you receive a confirmation of order to your email.

Afterwards, we will contact you as soon as possible regarding the availability and the delivery logistics of the order. Additionally, we will send a bill to your email.

The bill contains our bank account information, to which the bank transfer has to be made for the sum which is also shown in your bill.

The transfer has to be made within 3 (three) working days.

The item will be shipped out after the transfer has been made successfully

All product prices are indicated including Value Added Tax 21%.

The shown product prices do not include delivery fees.

After the order has been made you'll be contacted as soon as possible regarding the availability of your chosen product.

Regarding warranty - All warranty inspection, repair and return services are provided according to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer of the product. Warranty duration is shown in the description of said product.

While doing the bank transfer make sure that the sender name is the same as the one in the order. Transfer details must also contain the order number.

If the product is in stock then it takes approximately 1-2 working days for the item to be delivered. If the product is in the warehouse then the delivery can range anywhere from 2 to 14 working days (after a successful bank transfer).

The delivery pricing to Latvian cities, villages and counties is 15,00 EUR, if the weight of the order is less than 30kg. If the package is heavier then the delivery pricing must be discussed with our manager.

Example: Pianos, larger sound system and other products which are heavier than 30kg. In this case, the delivery fees must be discussed with our manager. Phone number : +371 22 10 7777, e-mail: info@muzpro.eu 

If the total sum of the order exceeds 199,00 EUR and if the order can be shipped in a single box not exceeding 58x38x37cm, 20kg weight and is ordered by an individual - the shipping is free to a DPD pickup station.

You can pick up the order yourself with no additional fee in:

Muz Pro store,

Rīga, Gustava Zemgala Gatve 71A,

(working days from 10:00 to 19:00)

The order pick up time must be coordinated with our manager.

The Warranty lasts from 1 to 3 years for all products.

1. Warranty:

1.1 Private persons - 2 years,

1.2 Legal persons - 1 year.

2. Warranty applies only if the customer can provide:

2.1 proof of purchase (invoice)

2.2 manufacturer's own card of warranty (if such is included with the purchase)

The warranty does not apply to item's accessories, power supplies and batteries, and materials which there is a limited quantity of (strings, fuses, cables, headphone capsules, microphone capsules, amp tubes, faders, speakers and so on). 


The warranty is null if:

the warranty itself is damaged, the serial number (on the product) is damaged or the client has tried to repair the product themselves;

the defect stems from the client's own misuse of the product or altering of the product outside of the recommended technical documentation;

the defect stems from "overloading" the product (electric, electromagnetic and such);

the defect stems from a natural catastrophe (floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquake and so on);

the defect stems from foreign matter, liquids or insects entering the product;

the defect stems from the client using an off-brand power supply, accessories or other parts which the manufacturer has not certified for use with the product;

the defect stems from rapid temperature changes as well as other outside factors (smoke, dust, humidity and so on);

the defect stems from the customer not performing the regular maintenance checkup (for products which it's necessary for);

The warranty only covers damage caused by a defect in the production of the product or some hidden defect during the purchase.

The warranty applies if the product has been used properly (as noted in the product manual).

The warranty period starts from the moment of delivery of the product. We shall not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by the BUYER or other persons as a result of improper use of the product or the consequences of damage to the product.


The cost of returning the product is borne by the Buyer.

1. The client (the private person that has purchased the product, not for professional use) has the right to return the item within 14 days of purchase.

2. We would like you to take into account that during these 14 days it is allowed to use and test the product to see it's functionality just as much as it would be possible to test the product at the store.

3. The client cannot return the product they've purchased from the online store if:

    The product's packaging is damaged. Upon receiving the returned item SIA "MUZ PRO" will check it's quality and if no visual or mechanical defects are found - the money will be returned via bank transfer. However, if the product or the product packaging is damaged and if the factory seals and stickers are removed and lost, the product cannot be refunded,

    If the product contains software and it's been redeemed (the software disk or code is found to be opened and/or used);

    If the product is heavily personalised (made specifically for the client);

    If the client has opened the package of the item but is unable to return it due to health or hygiene problems.

4. Upon returning the item the client must fill out a Right of Withdrawal form and present proof of purchase (invoice).

The item can be returned in our store:

Rīga, Gustava Zemgala gatve 71A,Latvia,LV-1039

5. Upon receiving the returned item, the payment is refunded to the client's bank account within 14 (fourteen) days.

6. The terms and conditions regarding refunds within 14 (fourteen) days with no given explanation, do NOT apply to legal persons.

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