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High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Perfect for in the studio, music production at home, or for personal listening. Great portability thanks to the folding arm and 250g light weight hardware designing.

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Artec HT-P EQ

Artec HT-P EQ Saddle pickup with an equalizer
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HT-P Parametric EQ preamp

HT-P is a Professional Dual band Parametric Equalizer for professional users that lets you shape the timbre of a sound by boosting or attenuating its frequency components.
HT-P features Hi & Low frequency control you to make subtle or radical changes to your guitar sound.
Dual parametric controllers - FREQ 1 with MID 1 and FREQ 2 with MID 2 are flexible tool for reducing or boosting ranges of frequencies.
FREQ 1& FREQ 2 allow you to change the central frequency while MID 1 & MID 2 allow you to boost or cut the amount of guitar sound 

Nominal input level: -20dBV
Frequency Response: 20 Hz -20kHz
Input Impedance: 10 MOhm
Output Impedance: 10kOhm
Power Supply: 9V Battery or 48 V Phantom
Battery Life: Over 1000 hours
Low  frequency control range: ± 10 dB ~200 Hz
Mid 2 frequency control range: ± 10 dB 200 ~800 Hz
Mid 1 frequency control range: ± 10 dB 400 ~2 kHz
High frequency control range: ± 10 dB 2 kHz ~
Low Battery: Low  Battery check at 4.0V
Current Drain: 0.5 mA
Input Jack: 2.5 mm Mono Jack
Unbalanced Output Jack: 1/4" Phone Jack with power sw
Balanced Output Jack: XLR Jack with power switch
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Artec HT-P EQ

Artec HT-P EQ

Artec HT-P EQ Saddle pickup with an equalizer
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