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Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

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6 string acoustic guitar, dreadnought body model, colour: natural. Wood materials: spruce, nato/meranti, rosewood. The F310 offers the same focus on quality, design and sound as all Yamaha acoustics and puts it in an incredibly affordable package.

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Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX

ZED60-14FX / Multipurpose mixer with FX for live sound & recording
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Allen&Heath: ZED60-14FX

Live or in the studio, ZED60-14FX is a compact, portable mixer that is ideal for small bands.This mixer is a guitarists dream. Two of the 8 mono channels have high impedance jack inputs that can take a normal line level or a low level input from a guitar pickup, so guitars can be plugged straight into the mixer without the need for DI boxes. These inputs have been crafted to recreate the sound of a classic tube preamp in a combo or head amp for incredible definition and warmth. Two stereo inputs are provided for MP3/CD players or keyboards.

ZED60-14FX comes with configurable USB audio in/out, making it easy to capture a stereo recording at the gig or in the studio. The mixer is equipped with professional XLR main stereo outputs, a flexible monitoring section with headphone and speaker feed outputs, and 16 stunning FX.Most important of all, ZED60-14FX lives up to the audio and build quality standards that have made Allen & Heath one of the most trusted names in professional audio for more than 40 years.


  • 8 mic/line inputs, 2 with Class A FET high impedance
  • 60mm professional quality faders
  • Responsive 3-band, swept mid EQ with MusiQ
  • Configurable USB stereo audio in/out
  • 1 pre-fade Aux send
  • 1 FX send 
  • 2 stereo inputs
  • Separate 2-track record outputs
  • 16 Internal Effects
  • XLR main stereo outputs with inserts
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • 48V microphone phantom power
  • DI level switching with Gain Boost
  • Neutrik XLRs and 1/4 inch jacks

More info: Allen&Heath: ZED60-14FX [english]

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Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX

Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX

ZED60-14FX / Multipurpose mixer with FX for live sound & recording
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