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High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Perfect for in the studio, music production at home, or for personal listening. Great portability thanks to the folding arm and 250g light weight hardware designing.

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Roland V-800 HD MK II

V-800 HD MK II
Multi-Format Video Switcher
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Ideal For Live Event Productions

The Roland V-800 HD MK II is equipped with scaling for every input and a huge range of common video connections to allow camera, data, and smart-device sources of different resolutions and framerates to be automatically detected, scales, and then adjusted as needed. Each input can be set in real-time with fine position adjustment using the joystick positioner control, or from the menu on the multi-viewer. This, combined with the V-800 HD MK II's exceptional 4:4:4/10-bit processing ensures pixel accurate colour and crisp detail on large screens for hi-resolution data sources. The AUX bus selection makes it even easier to send a source to a second output destination such as a presenter notes display, second display out, or overflow rooms. It is also perfect for other more permanent facilities such as theatres of churches. Thanks to the one-touch memory recall function, complex settings can be retrieved in an instant, and the straight forward, intuitive interface makes it easy to operate without the need for extensive training.

The V-800 HD MK II can also use the high-resolution scaling of its multi-zoom function to create up to 3 "angles" from a single camera source. When using the shared input function, you can assign the video on channel 1 to channels 2 through 4, and the video on channel 5 to channels 6 through 8. The scaler for each input can zoom into any position in the video image, enabling this virtual multi-camera environment.

The V-800 HD MK II is an ideal solution for webcast switching as well. Webcasts often require a variety of camera and computer sources, with a large variety of formats. The V-800 HD MK II can support video resolutions of 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 480i, and 480p simultaneously, along with computer data resolutions of up to WUXGA allowing for the astounding quality required by webcasts.

Astonishing Image Quality With True Multi-Format Performance

The V-800 HD MK II supports 1080p video signals at bit rates as high as 3Gb/s, which is twice the rate of convential HD video signals. This enables the exceptional realism and incredible detail from camera and computer sources to be accurately reproduced. Alongside this, you have no need to convert your input source to match the video output format. The V-800 HD MK II features built-in scalers that automatically up-convert and down-convert any video source to the optimal resolution. Couple this with the extensive range of analog and digital connectivity available with the V-800 HD MK II and you have an incredibly versatile high-performance video switcher.

New MK II Feature - AUX Bus Switch

The Roland V-800 HD MK II makes switching sources connected to the assignable AUX outputs a breeze. It's dedicated AUX layer switches are ideal for selecting which source is sent to a separate display, giving you peace of mind that everything is being sent where it should be with quick and accessible control.

Newly Developed Key-Compositing Engine

The V-800 HD MK II, whilst featuring upgraded internal signal processing, also includes a newly developed keyer. Chroma Key allows you to adjust phase range, amount of chroma, and a variety of other parameters based on HSV colour space that is very closely related to human chromatic sensation. This enables you to achieve truly high-quality and tight chroma key compositing, even when using 1080p video sources. The V-800 HD MK II can also accept an External Key, which composites colourful CG titles and gradation/transparency clip, granting you the ability to achieve astonishing visual effects.

Inputs & Outputs

  • DVI-I/HDMI Input (Up to WUXGA, 1080p): A slider switch selects either DVI-D or DVI-A. Support for HDMI is also possible through the use of a simple HDMI/DVI adapter. This input also supports HDCP.
  • COMPOSITE Input (480i or 576i): Allows the use of four analog composite inputs.
  • RGB/COMPONENT Input (Up to WUXGA, 1080p): Using a conversion cable lets you input analog component signals in addition to WGA type output from a computer.
  • SDI Input (Up to 180p): Supports three formats of digital video signals: 3G, HD, and SD.
  • RGB/COMPONENT Output (Up to WUXGA, 1080p): The V-800 HD MK II can accommodate projectors and other video devices that accept only analog input. The built-in scalers let you specify resolutions that differ from the main output resolution.
  • SD Output (480i or 576i): Provides a constant down-scaled composite signal regardless of the main output resolution.
  • Multiviewer Output (1080/60p with HDCP): Monitor your active input sources along with Program and Preview.
  • DVI-D/HDMI Output (Up to WUXGA, 1080p): The V-800 HD MK II is equipped with two DCI-D/HDMI outputs for connecting displays/projectors and is HDCP-compatible.
  • SDI Output: Two SDI outputs are provided supporting 3G, HD, and SD signals.

MIDI Control

The V-800 HD MK II allows you to use MIDI to link it with other compatible products, including another V-800 HD MK II. Connecting the unit to a Rolan V-Mixer allows you to achieve a truw "audio follows video" solution. When you take a video source live, you can easily have the audio level instantly recalled. If you choose to operate two V-800 HD MK IIs in tandem, it is entirely possible to perform switching for 3D video by splitting into two left and right video signals.

Huge Range Of Functions For Exceptional Quality Video Switching

The V-800 HD MK II is equipped with an enormous range of features and functions. Its in-built scalers on the input connections allow you to make settings independently for every single one of your input sources. This allows you to take input sources of different resolutions and adjust them to any sizing and resolution you desire. On top of this there are a full range of keyers, with the newly designed Picture-in-Picture (PinP), Luminance Key, Chroma Key, and DSK for 4:4:4/10-bit input, with the ability to also use an External Key. The V-800 HD MK II features a USB port for importing still images, of which the V-800 HD MK II can store up to 16 of these on the unit itself. Its memory also allows you to save eight sets of panel settings in each of the eight banks, for a total of 64 sets. The ability to save and recall complex settings is definitely a headache relief in any situation. The V-800 HD MK II's simple and intuitive design also allows for easy transition pattern selections. It's as easy as pressing a marked button, with the ability to precisely set the length of transition times in either seconds or frames.

The V-800 HD MK II also grants you the ability to assign video sources to cross-points in any order you like, instead of having to use the numerical order of the connectors on the rear panel. This allows you to reorder and shift video feeds when sudden changes in camera lines or differences in format create blanks between cross-points.


  • Up to 16 inputs, 8 cross points (4 SDI / Composite + 4 DVI-I / HDMI)
  • 6 outputs (2 SDI + 2 DVI + RGB + Composite) Simultaneous output
  • Dedicated multi-view monitor output for monitoring all input sources, plus the Program and Preview outputs
  • High quality 4:4:4/10-bit processing
  • 1080p / I, WUXGA processing
  • 1 M / E (KEY, PinP) + AUX or DSK
  • Frame Sync and Scaler on all inputs and outputs
  • 3G, HD, SD 3-mode SDI (3G-SDI Level A / B compatible)
  • DVI-D / RGB / HDMI compatible
  • Input signal status confirmation LEDs
  • Built-in dedicated HDCP mode for displaying HDCP content with panel indicator to check when this mode is in use
  • Two active still images from sixteen still memories
  • Ten assignable cross points
  • Aux bus switch
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V-800 HD MK II

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Roland V-800 HD MK II

Roland V-800 HD MK II

Multi-Format Video Switcher
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