Aston Microphones ORIGIN

Aston Microphones ORIGIN
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  • Aston Microphones ORIGIN
  • Aston Microphones ORIGIN
  • Aston Microphones ORIGIN


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Aston Microphones ORIGIN studio condenser microphone, the frequency range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, the unique design provides a high level of protection for the capsule

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Multiple capsules and circuit designs were considered by the group before it was whittled down to the design we have here, ensuring the mic not only sounds great, but has a distinct, British sound.

The Aston Origin has a distinct industrial visual design. The body is unpainted steel, individually tumbled for four hours for a rugged finish, which should mean the finish can’t be damaged by scratches, as it’s already taken all the damage it can. The pad and filter legends are etched onto the steel, as is the company mantra “The art of performance”.

The capsule is housed inside a random-weave mesh-knit stainless steel pop filter. This filter can be removed and washed if necessary, and as well as shielding the mic from plosives, acts as electromagnetic shielding too, eliminating unwanted noise from the signal.

The pop shield is protected by a waveform head, which can act like a spring, protecting the mic from being bashed about, and reforming to its original shape, even if dropped.

Internally, Aston has fitted a shock-mount absorption system, which it claims eliminates the need to use an external shock-mount (in all but the most extreme applications), and enables the mic to be mounted directly to a stand. However, should you feel more secure with one, Aston will be selling the mics with an optional Rycote universal shock mount at a significantly reduced price.

Key Features
● Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
● Fixed-cardioid pickup pattern
● -10dB pad
● 80Hz high-pass filter
● Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/- 3dB)
● Max SPL: 127dB

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