KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4

KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4
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  • KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4

Rokit RP10-3 G4

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KRK Rokit RP10-3 G4 · Active Monitor

The Rokit Powered 10-3 monitor is a three-way studio monitor which provides an unsurpassed level of power, performance and accuracy. Commercial recording facilities offer clients a choice of Studio monitors, from near-to mid or main systems to ensure that their mixing translates well to various consumer playback systems. In some studio environments one monitoring system might have to do it all: the ability to generate huge sound pressure levels when the music and clients demand it, yet maintain the clarity and transparency of a professional studio monitor. The Rokit Powered 10-3 delivers the power, accuracy and clarity demanded in these situations. 

The Rokit Powered 10-3 is a Mid-field 3-way monitor system in a compact size that fits studios in need of compact mid-field solution as well as home studios wanting to step up to a higher level of performance and value. The high SPL output allows the KRK Rokit 10-3 monitors to reproduce challenging high dynamic tracks for all genres of music.

With space and placement of Mid-fields virtually always a concern in recording, mobile and broadcast facilities, the Rokit Powered 10-3 offers location flexibility by placing the tweeter and midrange in a rotatable housing. Whether they are vertical, placed on their side or wall mounted the proper orientation of the acoustic axis can be maintained. Cabinet placement allows for a generous one- to four-meters for rated performance. 

Rokit monitors have radically curved front surfaces which prevent the edge difraction distortion caused by traditional rectangular speakers. Other studio monitors suffer from diffraction as sound waves leaving the edge of the cabinet are reflected back into the listening field causing phase distortion. The Rokit Powered 10-3 enclosure virtually eliminates diffraction and provides a wider, more natural sounding sweet spot. 

Most studio monitors feature low frequency ports on the back of the cabinet. These rear-firing ports cause bass coupling problems with walls and corners, amplifying low frequency information, which will colour your mix. The design of the KRK Rokit Powered 10-3 features front-firing slotted ports, which are also shaped to reduce port turbulence and distortion. This combination ensures clean and accurate bass performance, even at high SPLs, without coupling problems. The design of the dome tweeter and waveguide geometry coupled to the curved front baffle are optimized for on and off-axis linearity resulting in excellent imaging and a wider sweet spot. The Rokit Powered 10-3 has Low and High Frequency level controls. This feature provides specific adjustment of both ends of the frequency spectrum output most commonly affected by room acoustics. These controls ensure the most accurate mix for your particular room's acoustics. 

3-way midfield monitor
Front-ported design
Monitor for larger project and commercial studios
Excellent midrange accuracy and definition from the 3-way design
Rotatable MF/HF driver allows horizontal or vertical placement
Glass aramid composite LF and MF drivers
Max SPL of 113dB reproduces most dynamic program material
Frequency Range: 35Hz-25kHz

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