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Reference: M-4(wdmx)

Brand: Antari

Antari M-4

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Antari M-4, CO2 smoke machine, power 1500W, 2.4L capacity for liquid smoke. The mechanical design of M-4 is simply perfect for transporting as the fluid tank is kept in the separate compartment inside the machine. Built-in wireless DMX make it complete wire free to save the hassle of cables.


Price €478.00

Reference: Z-1520

Brand: Antari

Antari Z-1520

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With additional 22 high power LED's to shine the fog output produced by Antari Z-1520, the evolutional successor of well-known Z-1020.One machine can satisfy desires for both spectacular fog and lighting effects at the same time


Price €785.00

Reference: FT-50

Brand: Antari

Antari FT-50

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• Powerful 1450W fog generator• Off-Power operation up to 40 minuts• Sturdy, compact and light weight design• Especially designed for fire training purposes


Price €797.00

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